Personal Training

Personal training is an increasingly popular and effective style of gym training that puts you one-on-one with a qualified and experienced trainer.  Once a privilege of the rich and famous, personal training is now an affordable training option for everyday people.

At TEAM Fitness, we pride ourselves on being the best in the business with over a decade of hands-on experience working with individuals just like you.  We have proven methods and trainers that care – training with TEAM Fitness puts you in the hands of the very best.


Here are 4 reasons to take up personal training with TEAM Fitness:


It’s all about YOU

Every session you do with your personal trainer is focussed on your own personal needs, goals and areas of interest.   You will be given effective advice on ways to accelerate towards your goals, as well as practical solutions to things you may be finding difficult.  Personal training with TEAM Fitness allows you to tap into the wealth of knowledge of all our professional trainers.  This individual focus is certainly the best way for you to see fast results.

 Unique Training

Each session will be unique and designed specifically  for you.   Our trainers like to mix it up  and provide constant challenges for you. One day you might be  lifting weights in the gym, the next day you could be exercising outdoors.  TEAM Fitness include a wide variety of activities in your training sessions and we aim to keep every session different.  You will find that this method of training is not only effective in maintaining motivation, but most enjoyable.  You are sure to find an exercise regime that you enjoy and strongly benefit from.

A New Lease on Life

Personal  training involves a lot more than  just one session each week.   You trainer will make sure you know what you need to be doing from the time you leave the gym to when you see your trainer the following week. This includes an exercise program with a balance of weights and cardio , depending on your goal, as well as information and guidelines on how to structure you nutrition and lifestyle to increase your results.  Personal training sessions provide a unique opportunity to learn a lot more about healthy living and making your results last a lifetime.

Take on the Challenge

Personal training is challenging.  With just you and the instructor, there is no place to hide!  Personal training sessions with  TEAM Fitness are always progressive and never the same.  We always make sure that you are challenged more and more each session to ensure improvements keep coming and you remain motivated. 

Personal  training is without a doubt the most effective, targeted way to get you on track to your goals.  Come and give it a go –  you will be impressed with your results!

“I have been training for over ten years in the gym on my own. After a few personal training sessions I now realise how ineffective my training was compared to the TEAM Fitness training intensity. I am frustrated about the years I spent wasting my time but very excited about getting it right now, and making it last” – Andrew


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